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Hello, I’m Banner Kidd. Some might remember me from Flint, A Rock and Roll Band from Kendallville, IN. Some might remember me from being in The DJ Band, playing The DJ Club in Auburn, IN and host band at DJ Country-Buck Lake in Angola, IN, back in the late 70’s. After that I spent a short stint with The Mary Miller Band, playing bass and fronting the band for Mary Miller.

But most will remember me for The Stone County Band, with Mickey Jo Slone and Charlie McLain. We kept the road hot, and the crowds rocking from 1981 until 1987, when I left the band, after becoming born again.

After some misguided, misdirection, working in the life insurance/financial planning industry, I went to work for Sweetwater Studios, in Fort Wayne, IN, where I stayed until 1997.

From 1997 until 2000 I co-owned an audio-video production company, producing jingles, corporate video, and virtual reality tours for companies like Rinker Boat Company and Fleetwood Motor Homes.

Beginning in 2000, until 2007, I managed Christian radio, doing the morning show on WQKO 91.9 FM, and hosting a weekly talk show, focusing on truth of Scripture.

In 2007 I was asked to return to Sweetwater Studios. I left Sweetwater in January 2015. During my time with Sweetwater I’ve functioned as a songwriter, songwriter consultant, jingle writer, ad copy writer, voice over talent, and project management.

Now I’m focusing on writing an autobiography that tells the story of a little kid whose mom and dad brought him from Floyd County, Kentucky in 1965. It’s my story of life’s twists and turns, being molested,and moving across three states within a year, before finally settling in Kendallville, IN in 1965. In it I tell of my struggle trying to fit in, and find a place that I felt I belonged. I searched for many years, before finding my place of belonging in the family of Yahweh, through His Son Yahshua.

I’m also a songwriter who has recorded a 5 song EP that has not been released on CD yet. They are available for download, for free at Noise Trade.

You may contact me at bfkidd@hillbillyradio. I’m interested in entertaining any opportunity to come tell my story in word and song in churches, coffee shops, fairs, or wide places in the road, as Father Yahweh leads. Let me know if I can ever do anything for you.