Messiah Fellowship Worship Band in Howe, IN – Sept 19th

I will be in concert with The Messiah Fellowship Worship Band on September 19th. in Howe, Indiana, as part of their Howe Indian Summer Days festival. The show is free. Come on out and join us. I’ve been blessed to be playing in this band, in several variations, since 1994.

The Messiah Fellowship Worship Band is also working on a recording project. We will be doing this as more of a “live” recording. I’m excited to be a part of it. It won’t be perfect, but none of us are perfect. Let it be honoring to Yahweh, and may it be used to build up the body of Messiah.

Howe, Indiana is on State Road 9, north of Lagrange, Indiana, and just south of Sturgis, Michigan, and the Indiana/Michigan state line. The show begins at 6:30. Hope to see you all there and get a chance to say hello.

Hillbilly Radio Band members Laura Kidd, Luke  Kidd, and Dillon Sawyer are also a part of the Messiah Fellowship Worship Band, along with Rick Sailor, Josh Brown, and Jason Booher. We all be nice folk. Come out and get to know us.

Stay tuned…. more to come from the Hillbilly Radio project.




Truth matters. Truth is not relative. Truth is not of private interpretation. Truth is Truth. As a man who wants to know and live by Truth, I seek Truth. As a songwriter, I am compelled by Truth. Truth is found in the beginning, in the very foundation of life and creation. I confess that my flesh resist the Truth, but the Spirit within me is Truth, and I have to choose who to listen to. There is a Voice of Truth, and there are voices that speak lies. Man speaks lies, if he is not committed to the Truth of the Mighty One, the Creator of the Universe.

The Mighty One created everything that He created symbiotic. The water, the atmosphere, the sun, the moon, the stars, plant life, animal life, and, finally, the pinnacle of His creation, mankind (Adam) are all dependent upon one another, and all dependent upon the source of life, The Mighty One, the Creator Himself.

Adam was created from the dust of the earth. And we are told that Adam will return to the earth when his days of living on this earth are finished. From creation, when time and space were set into motion, to the culmination of time, Adam’s descendants will live and die and return to the dust they came from. But Adam was not created to die. Adam brought death upon himself by ignoring the instructions – the commandments of his Creator, Yahweh Elohim.

The Mighty One is Yahweh, the Great I Am, the Self Existent One. He is the Ancient of Days, and His Son is Yahshua, the Messiah – They are Elohim – “Mighty Ones.” Elohim is Spirit. The Spirit of Elohim, The Son of Elohim, and The Father of Elohim are One.

Adam, being the pinnacle Yahweh’s creation, was the one who was given a freewill to choose his path. But Yahweh, being loving toward His creation, gave instructions to man, that he could see clearly what His desire for His creation is, and that living according to His instructions results in a blessed life. But Adam, being the pinnacle of Yahweh’s creation, created in the image of Elohim, was not, and is not Elohim. He is the vilest of all Yahweh’s creation, in and of himself.

In choosing to ignore the instruction of Yahweh, Adam brought death to himself, and to all born of him. Therefore we all go the way of Adam, in that our mortal, flesh and blood bodies will die and return to the dust from which we came. But there is a 2nd Adam.

The 2nd Adam is Yahshua, the Son of the Living Elohim. The difference is that He is Elohim Himself, and He did not ignore the instructions – the commandments of the Creator. He came in the flesh and His flesh returned to the dust when He died, just as the first Adam’s flesh returned upon his physical death. But because He perfectly obeyed the instructions of the Creator, as given in the Scriptures, He did not stay in the grave. He was raised into a new life. The 2nd Adam lives eternally, as He has always been, The Ancient of Days.

We have a choice to make. We can continue our lives following after our forefather, the 1st Adam, breathe our last, return to the dust from which we came, and be forever separated from our Creator – cast into everlasting torment with Satan and His messengers, OR we can die to our life in the 1st Adam, allow the 2nd Adam Yahshua, to live in and through us, and when our physical body returns to the dust, we live on. AND one day we will get a new immortal, incorruptible body. We have a choice to make, just as the 1st Adam did.

The Creator gave instructions to the pinnacle of His creation – mankind. And mankind, submitted to the Creator and His instructions, will live in harmony in the symbiotic relationship with all of Yahweh’s creation. We will love our fellow man and tell him about the Creator and His Instruction, and the true, abundant, everlasting life is found in His instructions, in His Son, the Living Instructions.

His Instructions are Torah, as given in Scripture.

We all must choose. Thanks be to Yahweh He has given us choice. Our forefather chose poorly. Yahweh could have written all of Adam’s descendants off and not worth the effort. But He didn’t! Because He loves His creation.

“For Yahweh so loves the world (His creation) that He sent His only Son (the 2nd Adam) that those who believe in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” -John 3:16

If you say you know Him, but don’t know, or don’t care to know His instructions, then how can you know Him? If He, Yahshua, lives in you, then you will be in the process of being more like Him – walking as He walked, in guarding and walking in the instructions of His Father, Yahweh.

It’s not because we’re Americans, or Baptists, or Pentecostals, or say we love “Jesus” that gives us eternal life. It is if we are born again, given a heart of flesh that has His Torah written on it, placed in our minds, and His Spirit causing us, as we submit, to walk in the Truth of His Instructions – His Torah. Ezekiel 36, Jeremiah 31, 2nd Corinthians 2, Hebrews 8.

If we are born again, with the Set Apart Spirit of Elohim living in us, then we will know Him by His real Name. It is Yahweh, and His Son’s Name, Yahshua. We will know Him! AND He will know us.

John said, in 1st John, by this we know that we know Him, if we keep His Commandments. Yahshua said, in Matthew Chapter 5, to those who were religious, who said they called upon His Name and did all kinds of amazing things, to “depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness, for I never knew you!”

Do you know Him? Does He know you? It will be known by the voice we choose to heed. Either that of Satan, who speaks through the 1st Adam, or the Voice of Elohim who speaks through the 2nd Adam, Yahshua Messiah.



It is a beautiful day in our little town. I am thankful to Yahweh that I have freedom in this nation, though it seems to be dwindling fast. I’m reminded that men do not give freedom. Only Yahweh, the Mighty, Mighty One of Scripture, and that is in His Son, Yahshua the Messiah who died and rose again. Today I give honor and esteem where it is due, to Him.

We have fought many wars, with politicians and rulers saying it was to secure our freedom. Some appear that they were, maybe, the right thing to do, and some of them questionable at the very least. Just because we’re living in America doesn’t mean that everything our country does is right. After all, we are all just men.

Some men want to do right and are deceived into coming alongside that which is wrong. Some are deceived and become deceivers in their own right, unknowingly. And some deceive knowingly. Either way people suffer at the hands of those who rule unrighteously apart from the Truth contained in the Set Apart Scriptures. I pray we become a nation of people who want Truth and are willing to live in Truth, regardless of our traditions and in spite of the rewriting of history on both the right and left of the political spectrum, and religious dogma in this nation and in the world. Scripture is Truth. Man’s personal interpretation, mandated and fought over, is dogma.

The rulers of our nation kill the innocent before they are born. They flaunt the Law of Yahweh, as do the religious right, and every other form of godliness that denies the power found in the Truth of the Word, and in His Son. It matters not what it is called. It is sad that many die for lawlessness and lies. Would it be that the professing church/body of Messiah would be willing to begin the journey out of the Babylon of lawlessness they call Christianity and begin to walk and live as the Messiah, the Son of Yahweh lived. He did not set aside the Law/Torah of His Father. How can we expect blessing when His Word says that those who rebel against His Law/Torah will be under the curse? Blessing comes through obedience and obedience only comes through His Son who’s death set us free, and by dwelling in us gives us the power/grace to obey. It is not by my power, nor by my might, nor by might and power of this nation, but by the Set Apart Spirit who writes the Law/Torah on the hearts of the people of Yahweh, who are found in His Son Yahshua.

My thoughts are with the families of those who lost loved ones in these conflicts, whether they were right or wrong. My family has suffered loss. I lost a first cousin in Viet Nam. But my devotion is not to this nation, but to the One who gives and takes away, the One who is the Creator of all life, and the One who can give real freedom in His Son, to live abundant life, and eternal life. I pray that we all remember that.

Some think they can turn this nation around by rising up against the government. Some think it will happen at the ballot box. I don’t believe either of those will work. Revolt simply gives power to the one who has the most bullets and are willing to kill more to gain the upper hand. And in the end, what do we have but another set of men who rule unrighteously. Take note of the elections, at least in the past 50 years. Has right ever been in power in this nation? Or has it been wickedness that is simply separated by an R or a D designation after their name. Violence nor elections will save this nation. Only repentance from dead works, and lies, and lawlessness marked by changed lives. and then He may stay His hand, and bless, if we seek His face.

In Him it is not Independence day, it is dependence day, and it is EVERY DAY! We are dependent upon Him and His Instruction, and His Son, and His work of grace. It is a lie of the devil, Satan, who tells us we are independent. However, in Yahshua we have true freedom. And that freedom, paid for by His blood, sets us free that we may choose to walk in His Truth, and worship Him according to how He has told us to worship Him – in Spirit and in Truth.

May we be found pleasing to Him today, by grace through faith (belief) in what He has said. And if we do this I believe we can say,
“May Yahweh bless the USA.”

Noise Trade Downloads

Just a reminder that you can download my EP, entitled “Consuming Fire,” at Noise Trade. It’s a free download, but you may leave a tip if you wish. Tips would be greatly appreciated. All tips go to funding to continue this musical journey. Thank you in advance for any gift you might decide to leave.

“Consuming Fire” is five songs that deal with life and struggle and faith. I hope you will download the songs and I  hope they speak to you in your struggles in life and with your faith.

May YHWH, the Elohim (GOD) of the Scriptures, richly bless you as you seek Him for who He really is.



Earthly Minded or Heavenly Minded – What is best?

Once, several years back, a man told me that I was becoming to heavenly minded to be any earthly good. I rejected what he said to me then, although it did cause me to stop and think. What does it mean to be heavenly minded?

From my perspective being heavenly minded means that I keep my eye on the target to live my life according to heavenly principles. By heavenly principles I mean the Instructions given by my Creator in His Book of Instructions, the Scriptures. If I’m accused of being heavenly minded in this way, I will gladly accept the label. But does being heavenly minded in this manner make me of no earthly good? If my view of heaven, and the One who came down out of heaven, isn’t the same one as is given in Scripture then I wouldn’t be of any earthly good. If being heavenly minded means Traditional Christianity then I am of no earthly good.

Why do I say that? Because Traditional Christianity is man’s version, filled with self-serving additions and subtractions to the Instructions of our Creator. If you are judging the Creator Elohim, the Sovereign of the Scriptures by the practices of adherents to Traditional Christianity then your plumb line is faulty!

Traditional Christianity rejects the Torah, the Instructions of our Creator. By rejecting the tenets of His Covenant with man Traditional Christianity has become inward, focused on big buildings, cutting edge technology, psychology, social programs, street cred with the right hair and the tattoos and the relevant music to reach the young….. Or the right hair and success driven social programs to attract those who are of that persuasion. But the plan of our Creator has nothing to do with these self-serving endeavors. The heart that dreams them up is in opposition to the heart of the Creator, with many of the practices strictly forbidden for the people of Yahweh to practice. They are the very things His Son, Yahshua Messiah, died as the Passover Lamb, and was resurrected as the First Fruits to the Father, to set us free from.

Traditional Christianity’s rejection of Torah – the Law that tells us what is food and what is not and differentiates between the pagan practices that we are to have nothing to do with and the Commandments that He gave that if we do them we will live by them – is at the heart of the problem. Things like Christmas, Easter and observing Sunday as the Sabbath Day, in opposition to what is clearly instructed in the Scriptures, born out of the wicked heart of man, under the inspiration of the old serpent, the devil have caused man’s heart to turn inward instead of upward. Traditional Christianity’s thoughts are not on the things from above, but on the things given by men who form denominations and create powerful, generational, nepotistic organizations that drift farther from the Truth with each passing generation. The result is that the professing church, steeped in lawless tradition becomes totally self-serving and self-established, being driven by greed and lust.

Success in Traditional Christianity is defined as financial prosperity. To be a part of this broad movement you must listen to the right Christian music, vote the party line, follow the standard formula of church practice and never question any of it. You will be focused on looking the part and sounding like everyone else in the movement. You won’t look at yourself in the mirror of the Truth of Scripture to see if you measure up. You will be looking at yourself in mirror of man’s traditions to see if you measure up. Man’s tradition doesn’t stop to ask what the Creator wants. The creation in arrogance self defines himself and expects the Creator to go along with his arrogant, selfish brand of religion. Sadly I see the same pattern in much of Messianic Judaism. The focus isn’t on self assessment based on Torah, but on celebration without repentance.

I believe that any concept of heavenly mindedness that leaves out the Torah Instructions of Yahweh is not heavenly minded at all. In fact it s the epitome of earthly mindedness. Such a one is of no earthly good and of no heavenly good! This lawless heavenly mindedness doesn’t stop to think about being a good steward of the earth or being the Creator’s hand extended to those in need around the world; being too busy pursuing fun and games and social programs, and being “relevant.” It is a shameful thing and an abomination!

This old hillbilly from East Kentucky wants to be heavenly minded and, as a result, be of some earthly good. I haven’t always been of this mind. But once I began to observe the Sabbath of the Creator, on the Seventh Day of the week, I began to see my own brand of traditional Christianity as something that opposed His Instructions. And then I began to look at everything and everyone around me in a different light. It’s time for the true people of Yahweh, born again by the Spirit, washed in the blood of the Son, Yahshua Messiah, to repent, reject man’s traditions and begin to walk in the Truth of the Word of the Sovereign Creator. Though we may be few in number we will be His ambassadors of Truth in a tangible way to a lost and dying world. Will you join me?

Consuming Fire available for FREE download!!!!




Mixing is completed on our 5 song EP “Consuming Fire. It is available to download at Noise Trade for free. You may leave a tip of $5.oo or more, and that would be greatly appreciated, but you don’t have to leave a tip to download the songs.  Click the image at the left to go to the download page.

Songs on the EP: Consuming Fire – I Don’t Know Much – I Remember Daddy – Let Your Kingdom Come – Son You’re Going the Wrong Way


How do you feel about change?

Like it or not, life is all about change. When I refuse to change I get left in the dust. Change can be something I embrace or something I want no part of. Change can be good, but change can also be bad. The standard I base my change on is key, as well as my attitude towards change.

Change for change’s sake doesn’t work. Change just to just be rebellious and contrary to established norms isn’t wise either. But change based on Truth, where the goal is to conform to what is right and true is good change. This is the change I want.

Change, even good change, is not always easy. It is often misunderstood by those that I’m closest to. When one of us chooses to change, and the other chooses to stay the way they are, then conflict is inevitable. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like conflict.

Even though I don’t like conflict, if I’m committed to changing for the sake of being better aligned to Truth, I have to accept the conflict if it comes. Each of us has a choice to seek to understand each other. If you’re troubled by my change, do you care enough to want to understand why I want to change, and why I’ve chosen the particular changes in my life, that you see? Conversely I must be committed to understanding why you aren’t interested in change. Is it because you don’t understand my change? Is it because you have counted the costs and you aren’t willing to pay those costs? Am I willing to look at my change to see if it is really rooted in Truth?

The underlying principle to change is that I must be willing to change on a consistent basis, when I see that I’m wrong. It’s a constant assessment, against the Standard, and willingness to move away from what isn’t of the Truth. What I think I see today, if I’m really wanting to know the Truth, will continually get clearer to me, and that means I change in one direction or the other as I see the way more clearly.

If I get up in the middle of the night, and I don’t have a light to see by, I know the general direction of the light switch in my room. I can get up, maybe navigate a little by some moonlight coming through the window, to get to the switch. I can’t see everything in the room clearly at all. I turn on the light and suddenly I can see all the room. Now I know that I have to be careful when I begin to walk to the door because my wife has left a box of stuff very near the open doorway. I reassess my path based on this new information that I can see more clearly that I could before I brought more light into the room. That’s good change.

This is the kind of change I’m interested in. I make no bones about it. I want to follow Yahoshua, known as Jesus by most, and His Father Yahuah (Yahweh, or known as the LORD), according to His Word. David says, in Psalm 119, that the Word of Yahuah is the Light that lights my path and is a lamp to illuminate my feet. As I read His Word, coming into His Light, I see the path more clearly and I know where to place my feet, and I readjust my walk. This is good change.

One of the songs on this first release is called I Remember Daddy. It’s about trying to understand where my dad was coming from, what affected his life and his choices, and looking at who I am in the things he passed down to me. The more I look at it and consider it in the Light of the Truth of the Word of Yahweh, the more I have to readjust my walk. Some of what I’ve inherited stays and some goes.





DJ the DJ

DJ youngerThis past weekend I ran into DJ the DJ, and his wife Vada, in the Meijer store in Angola, IN. This is a picture of DJ, whose given name is Denny Dangler, about the time I met him back in the 70′s. DJ was a disc jockey on WIFF-AM in Auburn, IN, and he owned a nightclub called The DJ Club, where he entertained with his band, DJ and The DJ’s, later known as The DJ Band.

I began playing for DJ in 1977, after the members of his band left en mass to go it alone. Mickey Jo Slone and I, along with Sam Hicks (of Sam Hicks and Traveling Band, and Bad Habits Band) and Ralph Everage became The DJ Band. Sam and Ralph left after a few months because the schedule was too much with their day jobs. Mickey and I played in The DJ Band until 1979, when I left the band due to conflicts. Mickey continued to play in The DJ Band until 1981.

During my time with The DJ Band we opened up shows at DJ Country-Buck Lake Ranch. Major country music artists of the time played DJ Country and we had the opportunity to share the stage with them. Chart topping Nashville artists such as Conway Twitty, Mickey Gilley, Buck Owens, Johnny Lee, John Conlee, along with Grand Ole Opry legends like Little Jimmy Dickens, Del Reeves, and The Wilburn Brothers.

I learned a lot during my stint with DJ. Some of it good and some of it not so good, or downright bad. I helped him renovate Buck Lake Ranch into DJ Country-Buck Lake Ranch during the winter of 1978. Working alongside DJ and his dad I ran chainsaws, painted, drove tractors, shoveled snow, dug ditches and lost a lot of sleep and a lot of weight getting ready for that 1979 concert season. During the summer I helped emcee shows and acted as an assistant to DJ while also fronting the band in large part when DJ wasn’t on stage with us.

I will tell more about my time with The DJ Band, with DJ the DJ in my upcoming audio autobiography that, Yahweh willing, will be done this year.



Spruce Pine School – 3 rooms Primmer to 8th Grade

A little three room schoolhouse at Spruce Pine, on Little Mud Creek, in Floyd County, Ky

A little three room schoolhouse at Spruce Pine, on Little Mud Creek, in Floyd County, Ky

When I first began attending school, in 1960, I went to this little three room schoolhouse on Little Mud Creek in East Kentucky. My first teacher was Ms Marideth Furman. I’m not sure I’m spelling her last name correctly. But I certainly will never forget her. Her dad was a child evangelist who used to come the school and teach us Bible stories with a flannel graph. I recently became reacquainted with her of Facebook. What a thrill that was, after all these years.

The front of the schoolhouse, with the little porch, opened up into what was known as “The Big Room.” This room with the older students was taught by Mr Jones. I remember him coming out on the porch and ringing a brass hand held bell to bring us in to class in the morning, or after our recess.

The wing of the house, to the right of “The Big Room,” is the “The Middle Room” and was taught by Mrs Howell. And the wing to the left of “The Big Room” was “The Little Room” taught by Ms Furman. This was my class.

At recess we used to play in the creek out behind the schoolhouse, even swinging across it on vines. We had a dirt volley ball area and a dirt basketball court. Basketball is as big, or bigger in Kentucky as it is in Indiana. All of the little boys, me being one, played marbles in the dirt around the schoolhouse.

In the winter we were warmed by a big potbellied coal stove that sat in the middle of each room. I remember standing around it on break, on very cold days, drinking mild from paper cartons. The milk would be partially frozen, like drinking a milk slushy.  We walked to lunch to one of a couple of little local stores. For a brief period, before we moved from Little Mud Creek, we had a little lunch room that served food from government commodities, prepared by and served by the mothers. My mom, Verlie Rae Kidd, was one of the lunch room ladies.

Little chairs at Spruce PineThese are the little chairs we used to sit in, in Ms Furman’s class. They are shown here, displayed hanging on the walls of one of the rooms. We drank our water from cups we made of notebook paper. There was an outside well with a bucket on a chain and pulley that was lowered into the well and water drawn up and taken inside. We used a common dipper to fill our little paper cups. My children are so far removed from this kind of life that it’s hard for them to comprehend going to a three room schoolhouse. It’s a little like “Little House on the Prairie,’ to them. It’s no wonder I suffered a kind of culture shock when we moved to Indiana and suddenly our little elementary school was larger than Betsy Layne High School (the high school that I would have attended had we stayed in Kentucky). We opened each school day back then with reciting The Pledge of Allegiance, and I seem to remember something about the state poem, and maybe even a prayer of sorts. When we had the lunch room we used to eat our lunch at our desks. I remember bringing pie pans to school to have my lunch in. When we were going to the local store for lunch we usually ate it at the store, or at any point between there and the school. I remember sitting on the little back porch of the schoolhouse, with my older sister Linda, and eating lunch. I used to love Zero candy bars with potato chips. But, for some strange reason, she wouldn’t let me eat them together. I had to eat them separately. I’ve always had that sweet/salty tooth thing going on.


Front view Spruce Pine RestoredThe Spruce Pine schoolhouse has been restored and I’m planning on a trip, Yahweh willing, sometime soon. I want to shoot some video and some more still photos to show what it looks like now. I understand The Little Room has been restored much like it was when I was attending there nearly 55 years ago. It’s a lifetime ago since I walked up the road with my older sister to begin school at Spruce Pine. It’s sad that I missed out on growing up with those kids I started out with. But as I honestly look back at my life I wonder if I would have lived this long having stayed there. The influences in my life were not good. I don’t mean those in the school and community at large, that I know about. I am talking more about the family around me. It’s a sad assessment, but it is true.

There are more stories in my upcoming audio autobiography, entitled “Hillbilly” as part of the ongoing Hillbilly Radio project. The first record is close to release very soon.



Down Comes the Curtain

I wrote this song about 3 years ago. Click here to hear Down Comes the Curtain.

It was written in response to all the issues facing us as a nation. Some of you might be led to think that it is a narrowly focused slam at the Obama administration. Believe me,  my view is not that narrow. When I open the song up, in the first verse, and sing, “What they’re doin’ , it ain’t workin’” the “they’re” I’m referencing includes the entirety of the political landscape from both major national parties, Republican and Democrat, both US Senate and House of Congress, the judicial branch, many in state government, and particularly the inhabitants of the oval office for the past nearly 3 decades! The Bush regimes were no better than the Clinton regime or the current Obama regime. Each of them has spent us into oblivion, taxed us to death, regulated us into impossible situations, devalued human life, demeaned our intelligence, and have slowly, but quickly accelerating to a faster rate, been taking away the freedom and prosperity we’ve come to enjoy in this country.

Much of what we see, I believe, is judgement because of our past treatment of human beings; the displacement, lies, and murder of the Native Americans of this nation, and the enslavement of those who were brought here from Africa against their will, and held as one would a horse or a mule. I believe that the leaders we have, the violence in our nation, especially those of the inner city, now spilling into all facet of our society, is a direct result of the national sin.

What we need are leaders who believe the constitution, believe the Word of Yahweh, who will lead in repentance to lawlessness at every level. While this is an ideal I would love to see, I don’t expect to see it. I do expect that judgement is ramping up, and the wrath of Yahweh is going to be poured out on the sons of disobedience, as is written in the Bible, by Paul in Colossians 3:6.

This song speaks of our plight as a result of believing the liars who continue to propagate lies that are tailored from each side to fit their constituents personal worldview. And so it goes.  Would that we all wake up to the lies being foisted on us by liberals and conservatives, bankers, lawyers and doctors, and look to the only One who never changes, and His Book of Instruction that we can stake our very lives on, if we believe Him and do what He says.